Eladrin Names

Gihl Tasani (Foxwine)

Limaira Rumkirthol (Thundermeadow)

Bithrynn Ruamista (Foreststar)

Sovan Raerlaran (Regalunicorn)

Minannis Amadon (Silverflower)

Bethva Sianre (Bearbrook)

Valnia Mistrivynn (Forestprotector)

Enrie Rekiir (Gembear)

Xanania Vandyr (Icerealm)

Kaelynne S'aer (Musical)

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What are eladrin?

Former elves who found refuge in the Feywild from warring gods, many scholars believe the eladrin to be one of the most powerful elven subraces. Unlike their kin, the eladrin decided against migrating to the Material Plane. Instead, they chose to adopt the Feywild as their home, a realm of limitless magic, erratic emotion, and impossible beauty. Spending centuries exposed to this fey magic imbued the eladrin with the flexible and fluctuating nature of the plane, effectively transforming the majority of their kind into fey creatures. However, a rare few managed to hold on to their humanoid character, existing somewhere between fey and elf and retaining a varying amount of the Feywild's supernatural arcana.

Eladrin are creatures that embody and express themselves through various times of the year; those the annual equinoxes usually govern. Their season of choice influences their appearance, mood, and even magical abilities. Autumn is typically a season of serenity and charity, a reflection of the bounty of summer's harvest shared with family and friends. Winter is contemplative and sorrowful, symbolizing the world's vibrant energy in hibernation. Spring is a renewing force of cheer and revelry that celebrates the passing of winter's hardship. Summer expresses a sense of courageousness and aggression, defined by the freedom and energy of the season.

While all eladrin can freely transform between seasons to adopt the respective characteristics, some prefer to remain associated with a particular one for their whole lives. When choosing, an eladrin may select the season of their surroundings or one that matches their current emotional state. Feelings of contentment may inspire an eladrin to shift into autumn, immense sadness might cause one to change into winter, another may embody spring when feeling joy or delight, and those consumed with fury may shift into the heat of summer.

What makes eladrin unique?

Eladrin are most similar in appearance to high elves, though they are typically more slender, and their eyes hold a similar sparkle or shine to many creatures of the Feywild. Their most remarkable difference is the color of their skin and hair, which changes to reflect their mood and respective season. Eladrin of spring typically express themselves through lush and verdant colored greens, from chartreuse to olive or even deep pine. Summer eladrin explode with vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues like the fiery sun above. Those who identify with autumn take on more earthy tones like the fallen leaves of the forest. The cold winter eladrin are often ivory in tone with highlights of blues and deep purples.

Unlike their cousins, eladrin do not feel a pressing need to join their kin on the Material Plane or any other realm. They have found themselves strongly connected to their adopted homeworld and its strange magic. Within the Feywild, eladrin create cities that exhibit remarkable feats of elven architecture that blend magic and nature into unimaginably beautiful landscapes. With the peculiar way that time moves throughout the Fey realm, some scholars believe that the eladrin civilization could be older than any other elven culture in the multiverse.

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