Dwarf Names

Dyarnor Blackforge

Valamar Irontooth

Fordreth Dragonshadow

Goltan Stoneaxe

Gotlin Halfhand

Gaarsnyr Oakenstaff

Tanar Barrenmine

Carnir Bloodlight

Draken Wolftalker

Diorson Hammerhelm

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What makes dwarf names unique?

Following years of tradition, a young dwarf is granted their name by a clan elder. Just and proper dwarven names have been used and reused by their clan for many generations. And as such, their chosen name belongs not to the individual but their familial line. Bringing shame to this name or their family as a whole is a serious and punishable offense. Those found guilty are stripped of their moniker and forbidden from reclaiming another of dwarven heritage in its place.

What are dwarves?

Skilled in battle, mining, and the fine crafting of stone and metal, dwarves are known for being bold and hardy people. Despite their diminutive size of fewer than five feet, most are so compact and sturdy that they can outweigh an average human that stands two to three feet taller. And regardless of height, dwarves have more courage and endurance than nearly any other larger folk throughout Faerûn.

Like shades of clay and earth, dwarven skin can range from deep umber browns to reddish pale. However, the most common skin tones are light brown or a deep tan. Accustomed to colder climates, they often wear their hair in longer but simple styles, taking great pride and care to groom their beards in particular. In a similar manner to their skin, most dwarven hair is usually neutral earthen tones of brown or black.

Where do dwarves live?

Stretching deep below the sprawling mountains of Faerûn, the dwarves build kingdoms wherein they mine gems, smelt precious metals, and forge great items of wonder. Metalwork, whether crafting extraordinary weapons or intricate fine jewelry, is held in high regard. Though, with great power and wealth can come the dangers of greed and avarice. Despite all that the mountains may provide, dwarves may still seek a trade for unique materials and rare foodstuffs.

Earthen creatures that they are, most dwarves are unlikely to care for travel by boat. Many sly and enterprising humans and halflings handle trade in dwarven goods at outposts along common water routes. A trusted guild member or frequent trader may also be allowed within a dwarven settlement, but most are still not given free rein to roam the kingdom at will.

Dwarves highly value social standing, and no unit of dwarven society ranks higher than the clan. Much like the value and honor placed in their names, dwarves cherish their clan identities and affiliations. Even those who live far away from their home kingdoms recognize related dwarves and invoke their ancestors' names in sacred oaths or curses. The worst fate any dwarf may endure is the loss or separation from their clan.

However, these strong bonds do not restrict them from leaving their homelands. Dwarves who choose to live in other lands still revel in their heritage, taking up jobs as artisans like weaponsmiths, armorers, and jewelers. Those with a penchant for battle often seek out vocations as mercenaries or bodyguards and are highly sought after for their famous courage and loyalty.

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