Halfling Names

Ell Smallsprout

Maldin Goatsmile

Rilen Moonlight

Greston Quickwander

Mesbin Shadowskip

Ostern Goodvine

Pria Stonebrittle

Eufemia Simplebreeze

Morin Twinkeep

Limby Sprouttaker

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What makes halfling names unique?

Like most other humanoids, halfling names consist of a given name and a family name. Some may also use a nickname that their neighbors have crafted, though not all are fond of the practice. However, family names are often nicknames that have stuck so firmly that they continue to pass through generations.

What are halflings?

A typical halfling’s goal in life is to find a quiet and peaceful place to settle far away from rampaging monsters and the terror of war. A cozy fire with a lavish meal and a fine drink accompanied by deep conversation are the comforts of home that many seek. Though, while halflings of this sort live out their days in remote rural communities, not all seek the safety of a secluded satisfactory existence. Some form wandering bands that frequently travel the world. The open road and endless horizon lure away these halflings to discover the curiosities of new lands and people. Still, that’s not to say that the wandering type doesn’t enjoy the peace that comes from food, hearth, and home. Their version is just different—a wagon that totters along a dirt road or a raft floating calmly downriver.

As diminutive folk, halflings survive in a world full of larger, more dangerous creatures by doing their best to stay undetected, or if that doesn’t work, avoiding confrontation. Around three feet tall at full height, and a stout 40 to 45 pounds, they appear relatively harmless to those who tower over them. Due in part to this, they have managed to survive for centuries hiding among the shadows of empires and the fringes of wars and political discord.

Most halflings’ skin ranges from a dark tan to fair and pale, often with a rosy complexion. Their wavy hair is usually a shade of brown, from umber to sandy, and their eyes, too, feature mostly neutral browns or hazel. It is highly uncommon to find a halfling man who can grow a beard or even a mustache, though many attempt to make up for it by sporting long sideburns. Halflings also seek to improve upon their humble appearance by wearing bright, happy colors. However, their clothing is still more function than form—simplicity, comfort, and practicality being most important.

Pragmaticism doesn’t stop just at clothing for Halflings. True to their nature, most are concerned with basic needs and simple pleasures. They have little regard or interest in parading or vanity. Even those lucky enough to find wealth keep it locked away in a cellar instead of presenting it to the world. This inclination provides them with a knack for finding the most straightforward solution to a problem. Unfortunately, it can also mean that they have limited tolerance for hesitation and uncertainty.

Where do halflings live?

Halflings can fit into nearly any community of good-natured creatures and quickly make themselves valuable and welcome to those around them. They are happy to work with others and are exceptionally loyal to their friends, whether halfling or otherwise. Combining their natural stealth and their unassuming nature helps halflings avoid most unwanted attention. However, they can be especially fierce when their friends, family, or communities become threatened.

Halflings that choose to settle down typically live in small, peaceful communities with large farms and well-kept groves. Nobility and kingdoms are a rarity among their kind. Instead, they live quiet lives within their modest shires and look to their family elders to continue their traditions and guide them.

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