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Near endless possibilities

DNDNames has more than 165 different categories with a growing list of over 20 million possible name combinations. But things don't stop there. As the world of Toril and the surrounding realms expand, so do the various collections of names. New books provide more races, adventures, and opportunities for dungeon masters and players to grow their world, and DNDNames is here to help.


Explore expert-written options

Professional writers and avid role-playing game experts have come together to provide users with some of the best content-accurate Dungeons & Dragons names possible. DNDNames works hard studying the unique linguistics of each race, their lore throughout the game's various editions, and how each may affect potential story-telling.


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The name generators you need are front and center with no distractions. Each layout is mobile-friendly and responsive, with an easy-to-use "More" button at the bottom of each generator that provides new suggestions. Those wanting additional information can scroll down to find interesting articles about their chosen subject.


Search new character names

The library of names is updated and expanded upon regularly and includes content inspired by the latest Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks and adventure guides. You can use these name generators to create your perfect player character, help write a beautifully detailed backstory, or name an entire city's worth of NPCs as a dungeon master.


Name more than your PCs

There's more to an adventure beyond trudging through the wilderness and striking down evil beasts. Before long, your adventuring party may decide to armor up at the blacksmith, find a potion at the apothecary, or celebrate their victory at the local tavern. There is a D&D name generator to help wherever the players may choose to go.


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Started by an enthusiastic RPG player, this website began as a personalized alternative to the digital "DND Name Generators" and endless message board lists available at the time. DNDNames seeks to create a space where players and dungeon masters alike can quickly and easily find unique options that feel genuine and personal. Gone are the endless walls of scrolling ads, the overly complex, multi-step forms, and the trivial names that lack effort and care. The provided name collections do their best to ditch the unnecessary and provide well-thought-out options—with new choices available by clicking a single, big red button.

DNDNames primarily funds content and development through ad networks and affiliate programs. If you find the generators helpful and would like to help contribute, one of the kindest and easiest actions would be to add to your adblocker safe list. Exposure also helps the site grow. If you feel so inclined, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared your favorite generator with your gaming group or on your preferred social media platform. You can also find and contact DNDNames directly on social media, where you can follow the latest updates and leave a comment. It would be great to hear how you currently use the site, your recently selected names, and what you would like to see next.