Goliath Names

Tharn Dogfight Elanithigo

Pahvu Whisperkiller Vathakanavi

Nethkan Grogswiller Okelanthego

Athok Stonebreaker Orkalotheti

Ullkahn Hookncross Gathakanavi

Bohrkun Wolfkiller Gileavanetho

Vimakk Lifeender Kano–Olathi

Iigeth Horrid Trunnethenvu

Ithuk Treesmasher Vargolethani

Elkuh Wolfkiller Amah–Thanavi

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Goliath Names

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What makes goliath names unique?

Goliath names come in threes: a first name assigned by parents at birth, a nickname given by the tribal chief, and a clan or family name. Birth names are up to three syllables, while clan names are usually five or more and end in a vowel. Goliaths see equality in all genders, and as such, first names are rarely, if ever, linked to one specifically. Nicknames typically refer to a Goliath’s notable deeds, though not all indicate success.

What are goliaths?

Goliaths are among the tallest humanoids on Toril, with massively muscular bodies hardened by their harsh environment. They typically have bright blue or green eyes and grey to brown skin that is tough like stone. Often thought to be tattooed, goliaths have distinctive, darker patches of skin, usually vertical and symmetrical, that cover their entire bodies. Most goliaths avoid unnatural body modifications that disrupt these patches, as they believe the natural markings influence and determine their destinies.

Though their tribes are close-knit, goliaths hold self-sufficiency and individual skill in high regard. They are highly competitive and proud people who love to win and recognize defeat as the impetus for improvement. However, this competitive compulsion to outdo themselves and others can have dire consequences. Very few goliaths reach old age, and many die attempting to surpass their past accomplishments in battle. After all, there is always an older dragon, a more towering beast, or a more ferocious warrior to slay.

Goliaths also believe that competition should exist on a level playing field, judged by talent, dedication, and effort alone. They feel that advantages gained through outside means are fleeting and can lead to complacency. It is difficult for goliaths to understand other races who do not share these views. The celebration of nobles and kings who lack the intelligence or leadership to lead properly can be baffling, and goliaths rarely keep such observations to themselves.

Within their own social structures, failure or inability to contribute can result in a fatal punishment. Expelled from the tribe, lone goliaths have little chance to survive, especially the old or feeble. Though they have compassion for their own and treat the wounded, all goliaths must pull their weight despite age or permanent injury.

This harsh expectation, combined with their obsessive drive to outdo themselves, feeds into an inevitably grim future for most goliaths. Few reach old age, and those incapable of living the lives they intend often grapple with the urge to give up their earthly pursuits. This shortage of experienced elders also means that many goliath tribes lack seasoned leaders. They instead hope for innate wisdom in their strongest warriors, unable to rely on that which is grown with age.

Where do goliaths live?

Goliaths are a reclusive people living amidst the highest mountain peaks where the air is thin and the icy winds howl among desolate, treeless slopes. They spend their days wandering a realm of rock, wind, and bitter cold, a lifestyle that influences a great deal of their character. A goliath’s stout, muscular body takes after the mountain stone, their nomadic spirit follows the wandering winds from peak to peak, and their hearts are often frigid cold.

The goliath’s nomadic way of life brings daily challenges. Food, water, and shelter are rare amidst the uppermost reaches of the surrounding mountains. The need for decisive leaders is paramount, as even a single misstep could bring ruin to an entire tribe. However, this also means that the heroic efforts of an outstanding individual can ensure the safety and survival of many fellow tribe members.

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