Turami Human Names

Darron Fatuma

Donna Semhar

Biella Taitu

Balla Falione

Maron Berhan

Sarron Fatuma

Darron Ramando

Zala Derartu

Malda Astario

Undro Lonam

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Where do the Turami come from?

The Turami were humans who primarily made up the republic of Turmish, a densely populated nation in the northern lands of Vilhon Reach. Bustling cities dotted the landscape that became home to mercenary companies, mercantile organizations, and tradespeople who made deals all across Faerûn. However, Turmish was not the Turami's native land. They originally settled around the Alamber Sea before being forced out by the Mulan refugees of the Imaskari nation around -2488DR. Following their displacement, the Turami people migrated east to the former home of the Scarbala nation. A country of fisherfolk and pirates that met its end while attempting to expand its influence inland.

Turmish's capital port city of Alaghôn came to be during the Year of Patriots, -37 DR, on top of the ruins of an ancient dwarven mining settlement. In the years that followed, Alaghôn would become a vital trading hub within the Sea of the Fallen Stars. During the Year of Thirteen Prides Lost, 132 DR, a mercenary named Dempster Turmish declared himself townmaster. This action caused a brief civil war, but Dempster's fellow mercenaries swiftly won the battle. Over the next 13 years, Dempster expanded the lands he controlled by conquering all of the smaller towns and villages surrounding Alaghôn. Turmish had managed to take control of the lands up to the lowlands of Hlondeth, and it wasn't long before he set his sites upon the city-state as well.

The Spellplage of 1385 DR caused significant turmoil for the Turami people. The disaster caused the Sea of Fallen Stars to drain away, leaving the former port city of Alaghôn miles away from the new shoreline. This sudden change in geography cut the Turmishans off from their neighbors and left them without their primary source of commerce and susceptible to endless bandit raids from enemy territories. The city of Nonthal overtook Alaghôn as Turmish's most prosperous city, and Sapra became the nation's only functioning port.

One hundred years later, after months of precipitation brought by the Great Rain, the Sea of Fallen Stars had finally returned to its previous water levels. Once again, the great cities of Turmish become connected to the Inner Sea and its trade industry, providing an upturn in the country's fortunes.

What makes the Turami unique?

The Turami's faces were flat with a mahogany complexion and dark curly hair. Their bodies tended toward muscular builds, and they were tall compared to most other humans.

Turmishans respected and cared for their lands and often buried valuables as both a gift to the goddess of life and bounty, Chauntea, and as “seeds” to grow future wealth. As a result, it was frowned upon to dig among the land in Turmish.

During the Year of the Late Sun, 300 DR, the Turami people founded the Academia Vilhonus, a place of earnest learning. Those that attended usually wore chalk marks on their foreheads which announced their abilities and level of education. A single mark indicated that an individual could read, a second denoted the ability to write, and a third declared that the wearer could use magic. Due to this popularized custom, Turmish residents often believed anyone within the city without any markings to be illiterate. It was also not uncommon for individuals to challenge those with markings to prove their skill and ability. Failure to comply or demonstrate one's proficiency was seen as a grave offense and could even lead to punishment by death.

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