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What are thri-kreens?

With two pairs of arms and bodies encased in tough protective chitin, thri-kreen are monstrous insectile humanoids. Sometimes referred to as mantis warriors, they stand bipedal and grow to the size of most average humans. Although, scholars indicate a wider variety of heights and weights depending on their environment and specific ancestry.

Each of their four arms ends in four-fingered claw-like hands capable of fine craftsmanship and skilled combat. Their insectoid heads feature two black, multi-faceted, compound eyes that most other creatures find unsettling. Framing their intense gaze are two small antennae that sprout from the tops of their heads and an intricate jaw structure with intimidatingly large sharp mandibles that twitch and move below. Though thri-kreen are a multi-gendered race, it is notoriously difficult to distinguish and can lead to uncomfortable conversations with other uninformed races.

Thri-kreen use a complex combination of mandible clacking and antennae movement to communicate thoughts and feelings with others of their kind. However, most other creatures are incapable of understanding or duplicating this complicated form of communication. When presented with these more challenging interactions, thri-kreen rely on a unique form of telepathy that allows both parties to convey their intentions with minimal effort.

The carapace of most thri-kreen is a straw or golden yellow hue that blends well with their preferred dry and sandy environment. However, their race can alter the coloration of their bodies as a natural form of camouflage. Variants of neutral browns and pale greens are common in more moderate climates where the coloring allows them to hide within the natural environment more effectively.

As nomadic hunters that rely on their stealth and ability to blend in with their surroundings, thri-kreen find little need for clothing or armor. Despite their skilled weapon crafting, very few ever make or wear unnecessary adornments. Most only use simple belts, harnesses, or slings to hold essentials like weapons, equipment, and food.

Where do thri-kreens live?

Though some tolerate more temperate conditions, most thri-kreen prefer dry, warm climates. They often seek areas best suited for their natural camouflage, like open arid landscapes with dry grass, dunes, and natural rock formations. Deserts, grasslands, plains, savannas, and scrublands are familiar homelands to the thri-kreen, who also enjoy the relative isolation these areas provide.

As a small nomadic culture, thri-kreen typically gather in small packs, trekking their respective territories to hunt and track migrating herds. They occasionally venture outside of their domains but do their best to avoid confrontation with others. Despite this reclusive nature, thri-kreen are not passive or docile beings. They are well-disciplined, untiring, and fearless creatures, typically armed with well-made hand-crafted weapons.

Thri-kreen often dominate their territories but pay little mind to other races unless provoked or threatened. They typically withdraw from outsiders and do their best to sidestep conflict. Most other races fear this stoic confidence and do their best to avoid unnecessary interactions. Still, the thri-kreen trade with different cultures in times of need and usually seek the relative comfort of similarly alien creatures over more typical humanoid beings.

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