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What makes changeling names unique?

Changelings may use different names for each persona they create or adopt. Their given names are typically monosyllabic and straightforward. However, there are often accents to a changeling’s name expressed through their shapeshifting—a subtlety most “single-skins” may not immediately pick up on. As an example, two changelings who share the name Drez may identify themselves separately as Drez-with-slight-build and Drez-with-saffron-hair. Most changeling names are gender non-specific due to their fluid relationship with the concept of gender, viewing it as one of many characteristics their ability can alter.

What are changelings?

Changelings are humanoid creatures with the ability to change their forms at will. While many use their gift as a form of expression, others have discovered the advantage it provides in the world of deception. However, changelings who have used their talents as gifters and spies have caused other races to become suspicious of their kind.

Though most changelings live throughout the Five Nations, they are typically born into one of three stations. A rare few grow up in stable communities where they are open and accepted for who they are. Some are orphans, raised by other races, never knowing another of their kind. Others still find themselves a part of nomadic changeling clans, who prefer to keep their true nature hidden from the single-skins.

In their natural form, changelings are pale, with colorless eyes and silver-white hair, though it is rare to see them this way. Changelings often modify their shape the way other races may change their clothing. At times they may create a mask, a casual, spur-of-the-moment form with no depth or history. Masks serve to express a mood or specific purpose and are often discarded and never used again. However, most changelings take time to build identities with far more depth. These personas often help them embody particular skills or emotions crafted for specific situations, including negotiators, investigators, or skilled combatants.

Multiple changelings can also share these more developed identities. There may be three healers within a community, but whoever is working that day would adopt the persona of Pyk, the sweet elderly medic. Identities can even be passed down through generations, allowing younger changelings to take advantage of established relationships or continue long-standing connections with other races or peoples.

Where do changelings live?

Changelings live among many different races, often preferring the larger communities of humans and goblinoids due to the anonymity their numbers can provide. Larger cities also present opportunities to use their unique talents as entertainers, government agents, adventurers, or even criminals. Whether a changeling decides to be open about their true nature or hide among nomads forever on the move, there are typically three categories of philosophical thought that guide their way of life.

Those known as passers are changelings who wish to blend in with conventional society. They often live their lives within a single form, suppressing their abilities and hiding in plain sight. Others of their kind often view passers with disdain, using words like “pretender” or “actor” as derogatory terms. Becomers are changelings who embrace their transformative nature, possessing many different shapes, identities, and lives altogether. Many becomers live multiple lives simultaneously, existing as several “different people” for years at a time. Seekers, also known as reality seekers, believe that a great truth exists that only changelings can discover. They suppress their abilities even more than passers, but instead of borrowing a different form, they choose to remain in their natural state among others of their kind.

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