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What makes githzerai names unique?

Like their astral cousins, the githzerai derive their names from the native language of the gith. Most names are three syllables or less and may borrow the apostrophized structure often associated with elven culture. It is typical for gith to remain mononymous, though some take surnames as a relative formality when interacting with outsiders.

What are githzerai?

Like other gith, githzerai are tall, slender humanoids with speckled skin in various shades of yellow, green, or brown. However, unlike their githyanki cousins, githzerai tended to be more muscular due to their disciplined training. Their elongated heads have angular features, sunken eyes, low nasal bridges, and long pointed ears. Typically, their hair is dark black, but some exhibit red, russet, or even grey coloring.

Due to the countless generations of mind flayer enslavement, the history of the gith is a mystery. Many believe they are distant relatives of ancient humans, though scholars have no proof. The two factions of gith arose from philosophical differences surrounding their cultural development. The warlike githyanki pursued authoritarian values that the githzerai believed were too similar to the behaviors of their mind flayer oppressors.

Most regard the gith's story as a great tragedy. Inspired by a charismatic and decisive leader, the gith united their peoples to overthrow the tyrannical mind flayers. However, internal contentions quickly divided their ranks, pushing the gith into a bloody civil war that left them forever divided.

The githzerai believe they can obtain an enlightened society by leaving behind the violence and enslavement they once endured. Most take these ideals to heart and lead monastic lives of contemplation and introspection. However, githzerai still share much of the same hatred for mind flayers as their more aggressive cousins. It is not unusual for them to form hunting groups to destroy illithid outposts from time to time.

Where do githzerai live?

Once free from the oppressive tyranny of the mind flayers, the gith aimed to build a new nation upon the ashes of their enslaver's leveled empire. Before they could seek revenge, differing ideologies caused a rift among the gith peoples. The existing militaristic leaders would become known as the githyanki, while a rebellious ascetic faction would become the githzerai.

After a violent civil war and the loss of their leader Zerthimon, the githzerai retreated to the Everchanging Chaos of Limbo. Existing as one of the Outer Planes, Limbo is a swirling vortex of matter and energy that collapses and reshapes without intent or order until a being can exert deliberate and substantial will to stabilize it. The githzerai have used their considerable psionic power to carve out and maintain a safe environment in which they can live among the surrounding chaos.

As the ages passed within the harsh environment of Limbo, the githzerai trained and expanded their mental abilities. They eventually gained the power to probe the minds of others and to shape their psionic energy into protective shields. Their newfound skills were beneficial as they ventured out and explored other planes and worlds of the multiverse.

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