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Worth the paper it's written on

Spell scrolls are consumable magical items in Dungeons & Dragons that can provide characters with arcane powers they may not otherwise have access to. These scrolls contain the incantations necessary to cast a single spell without any need for material components. However, their caster must be of a class with the ability to use the inscribed spell and be able to read the complex magical scripts.

Additionally, casters must make a spellcasting ability check to determine the spell's success if its level exceeds their current arcane capabilities. This check must exceed ten plus the spell's level, or the incantation disappears from the scroll with no other effect. On a success, regardless of the spell's effectiveness, the spell scroll disintegrates upon completion of the casting and leaves no trace of its previous magical properties. Although, the scroll will remain undamaged if the player is interrupted and unable to complete the spell's casting.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for most spell scrolls to go unused and forgotten, collecting dust at the bottom of a bag of holding or unintentionally hoarded until the end of a campaign. Though, ignoring these arcane roll-ups would be a mistake. While situational, spell scrolls can be especially helpful when a particular spell is required to solve a complicated puzzle or defeat a harrowing enemy. Some may find joy in merely firing these incidental spells off based on curiosity or discord. Others may buy, sell, or trade their scrolls to generate alternative or supplemental income.

Roll up to win

The world of Dungeons & Dragons provides characters many opportunities to obtain spell scrolls. They may find them among treasure within dungeons, fortified keeps, or on the bodies of defeated enemies. In some cases, spell scrolls may be a reward for completing perilous quests or performing other heroic deeds. Still, these coiled magical parchments are not only strewn about the world as though it were a vast lost and found. Players may also purchase spell scrolls from merchants or other characters specializing in creating and selling magical items.

Characters with the appropriate magical abilities can also create customized spell scrolls. Doing so requires using rare and expensive materials and a significant amount of time and effort devoted to the task. Although, the ability to choose the desired spell rather than endlessly hunting one down often far outweighs the grind of creating your own. Spell scroll crafting can also be a worthwhile investment for characters relying heavily on their proficiency with spells or those looking for a lucrative side hustle.

Game masters planning to use spell scrolls in their D&D campaigns would do well to remember a few tips. First, spell scrolls can be incredibly useful in various situations, and DMs should encourage their players not to fear using them when the circumstances call for it. Second, players must understand the limitations of the magics these scrolls contain so that a player character who cannot cast the spell effectively does not waste it. Finally, consider incorporating spell scrolls into your quests and storylines to make them an essential part of the game and their acquisition more purposeful and significant.

It's also important to recognize that while they can be beneficial, these paper spindles have unique limitations. Perhaps the most obvious is that characters can only use them once, so players must carefully consider their strategy and cost. Additionally, the requirements of who can cast the spell may limit a scroll's usefulness within the party.

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