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What is a hoard?

A typical treasure hoard is a stockpile of wealth that includes money, gems, art, or magical items. Though most often associated with dragons, a hoard can be the accumulated wealth of a large group of creatures like an orc tribe or hobgoblin army, the belongings of a single powerful entity like a giant, or a substantial reward bestowed upon the party after completing a wealthy benefactor's quest.

Within Dungeons & Dragons, a hoard is not necessarily the mountains of gold and riches described by fantasy authors like J. R. R. Tolkien. Instead, the term is more encompassing, referring to the collection of wealth a group or individual has amassed. A large creature consumed with avarice may gather tremendous, almost unfathomable wealth, but a hoard can also refer to a modest pile of gems that a band of thieves swiped from a royal estate. As a rudimentary security measure, clever creatures may even split their cache into smaller stores divided between multiple locations.

Many have pondered the purpose of a hoard. Some propose that the stockpiles exist merely as a temptation, a collection of wealth used as nothing more than a lure for unsuspecting enemies. Others feel they are the manifestation or representation of the world's greed, a reminder of how the powerful can take from the weak. While Fizban The Fabulous believed they moved beyond the idea of monetary value by extending the magical influence of their owners.

Why do dragons hoard?

Though any individual or group of creatures has the potential to possess a hoard, the concept has historically become tied to the behavior of dragons. According to Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, hoarding treasure is a crucial draconic characteristic. Though some dragons are decidedly greedy, Fizban asserts that a dragon's hoard acts as an extension of their inherent magical nature. These collections of wealth become resonators that channel their power and connect them to the Weave, the raw magic of the Material Plane. His collection of observations also describes how a dragon's strength correlates to its age and its hoard's immensity.

Dragons begin acquiring their hoard as wyrmlings, barely old enough to fly. Within a few years, as they transition into adolescence, they search for their first lair to hide away their quickly growing cache. Most young dragons will amass thousands of gold pieces before adulthood. They reach maturity after their age surpasses a hundred years, and their hoard exceeds a value of fifteen thousand gold. At that considerable size, dragons become bound to their lair and territory in a web of magical energy that reaches nearly mythical status, spreading their draconic influence throughout the realm.

Their hoards grow even more as they age, often requiring dragons to search out multiple lairs. This division of wealth and location lowers the chances of loss and helps extend the dragon's arcane influence across an ever-expanding territory. An adult dragon may have six to eight dens across a significant part of the continent that houses a share of its hoard and acts as an anchor for its power. Ancient dragons, gaining their title after eight centuries, can amass even more hoard locations with as much as a few hundred thousand in gold pieces. Scholars believe the oldest of their kin may expand their hoards in quantity and number of stockpiles beyond a million gold pieces.

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