Eatery Names

Grate Sweets

Pepo and Drupes

Terminal Tackle

Hanging Tender

Nibs and Bits

Ripened Vine

Cracklins and Rinds

Greasy Gourmet

Sailors Citrus

Morning Hook

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Do your rations need an upgrade?

Though most adventures may start in an inn or tavern, that doesn’t mean they have to be the only place for a hot meal or a good drink. One way for a game master to make their towns feel more immersive and unique is to diversify the available establishments for players. A simple way to do this is to provide various places for your adventuring party to indulge their appetites. Jerky, dried fruit, hardtack, and nuts, might be fantastic for some, but why not choose to bring excitement to what might otherwise be mundane and uninspired.

Creating bakeries, delis, meat markets, groceries, or food stands of all kinds, can be a fun and refreshing way to liven up your towns. Though, their usefulness does not have to stop there. A creative GM or a quick-thinking player may find ways to incorporate these new goods into their sessions. Adventurers may soothe certain monsters by exchanging rare meat or persuade a particularly difficult townsperson with sweet pastries. A finicky God might even request a specific culinary offering to satiate a divine craving.

What else does an eatery sell?

Eateries may also be an excellent place for players to learn specific trades or find unique and valuable tools associated with a trade they already know. New players may be unaware that selling goods based on their tool proficiencies can be a great way to make money during downtime. However, depending on where you find yourselves in Faerûn, your specific trade may not be in high demand. If your party has the time, this could be the perfect opportunity to learn something new and make a few silver pieces while you’re at it.

Brewers and Cooks may be the most apparent artisans associated with eateries, as their trades most closely align with the industry. Although, those who find themselves without a tool they need may find opportunities if they are willing to think beyond the norm. A paring knife could make a tremendous whittling tool, a tenderizer might substitute for a hammer in a pinch, and even an alchemist might find a helpful glass vessel at the correct establishment.

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