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Azure Plumage

Humdrum Hush

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Dog Pile

Cyclops Shuteye

White Wolf

Gentle Presence

Tranquil Grove

White Wildwood

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Looking for a place to sleep?

Whether lawful good or chaotic evil, all adventuring parties eventually seek out the rest and shelter a fine inn can provide. Long journeys, harrowing battles, and careful planning or subterfuge can tire even the most seasoned veterans, and thankfully the world has a wide variety of lodging to choose from. From centuries-old to recently established, inns of various shapes, sizes, and affluence exist throughout the realm. While some may be simple homes with a meager back room to rent, splendid establishments with lavish extravagance are also obtainable within the city's wealthier districts. What is available to a party may only be limited by the gold in their bags and the distance they are willing to travel.

Most traditional inns have an inviting air of comfort, with moderately decorated rooms and simple accommodations. The front of the building, which usually faces the road, is often reasonably ornamental in construction in the hopes of beckoning weary travelers to enter. Since customers less frequently see it, the back is generally more straightforward and plain. The rear of the building may also have a small detached livery stable to care for whatever animals the patrons may have brought with them or ridden into town. Beyond the rooms available to rent, the interior of most inns features a large community room used for dining, town meetings, or the occasional special event. However, far more than basic accommodations are available to an adventuring group. One needs only ask the friendly innkeeper what other amenities may be available.

What else is on the menu?

Gourmets and gourmands will be delighted to know that there is much to discover around Faerûn. Though not every inn is the equivalent of a Michelin-starred restaurant, they can still provide an extraordinary chance to explore the world's various food and drink cultures. Even the less-appetizing meals can offer a fun roleplaying opportunity for those at the table. Stomaching a challenging meal may not only be polite but could also ingratiate one with the local townsfolk by proving your intestinal fortitude.

Game masters can also offer short quests relating to the cook's needs, who might ask the party to retrieve rare ingredients from dangerous locales. Rare meats from unique creatures or spices only obtainable through treacherous expeditions may provide a much-needed change of pace from the standard adventure. Not to mention, an excellent way for players to grow their coin purse while immersing themselves in the local way of life as they traverse the countryside.

Players may also find that most innkeepers are more than straightforward, humble property managers. Many go above and beyond the supply of good food, a warm bath, and a comfortable bed. Quite often, they are proud members of the mercantile classes within their local city, dabbling in brewing, distilling, importing, and occasionally, what some may consider less-than-savory professions. There is a good chance that even if your innkeeper does not have what you were looking for, they will know someone who can provide it for you—for a price.

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