Water Genasi Names

Drizzle Bogoraz

Loop Shardshard

Ripple Tumblestream

Dew Lonam

Coast Springflower

Brook Madu

Tiberius Paleshot

Beckham Dummen

Tempest Blackridge

Rio Rostik

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What makes water genasi names unique?

Before adulthood, most water genasi will adopt names derived from their surrounding culture. As they grow older, many elect to take more defined monikers that embody their elemental ancestry. They may choose a uniquely descriptive word from other dialects or a more direct term like Misty or Rain.

What are water genasi?

Water genasi are a unique humanoid race tied to two very different worlds. They are the offspring of mortals and marids, genies from the Elemental Plane of Water. While most are the direct descendants of these two diverse species, not all are born of genie-mortal unions. The elemental bloodline can lie dormant for several generations before a couple may give birth to a genasi child. In extreme cases, an individual exposed to intense elemental energies may also give birth to genasi children.

Genasi tend to appear more humanoid than genie, often identifiable by their skin or hair. Heavier in stature like their earthen cousins, water genasi typically have blue or green skin tones. A human-like coloration is also possible, but most feature glistening textures like water droplets or nearly imperceptible fish scales. Their hair is also decidedly influenced by their elemental heritage. Some feature seaweed-like locks that wave in an unseen current, while others may have flowing hair like water itself.

Marids, like most other genies, do not value familial life or show an interest in their children. They often see their offspring as fleeting, unimportant mistakes and leave the childrearing to their mortal partners with little care for the outcome. These lives in broken homes combined with the fearful misunderstanding of those around them often force genasi into harsh lives of adversity.

Still, it is rare to find a water genasi lacking in conviction. Their inherited control over their respective element feeds a strong sense of self-worth, allowing many to overcome any childhood trauma. Water genasi frequently assume leadership among those more accepting of their presence or even return to take positions of prominence among the houses of their genie lineage.

What are marid?

Often regarded as the most wonderous of their kin, marids were genies that hailed from the Elemental Plane of Water. While genies of all kinds wield an immense amount of power, even the most proletarian marid believes itself superior to the flighty djinn, the earth-loving dao, and the flaming efreet.

As their native element, marids can manipulate water in any way they desire. They can walk upon the waves, breathe beneath the surface, and control the clouds, fog, or vapor in the air. Marids can even transform their bodies into a mist and use water as a formidable bludgeoning weapon.

Though they may sire children with mortals, marids do not frequent the Material Plane. They prefer to remain in their majestic and mighty coral fortresses that float in the depths of the Elemental Plane of Water. There, they entertain guests in opulent, air-filled chambers where enslaved beings tend to their every need.

Unlike their earthen cousins, marids value their servants as little more than status symbols. There are few, if any, other beings the marid hold in high regard. Even other genies are considered inferior to their self-imposed greatness. Despite a few powerful wizards and exceptional leaders, humanoids may be among the lowest in the marid's hierarchy of value. Only those careful enough to understand their place or clever enough to use bribery or flattery have any chance of dealing with the marid.

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